Shopping and Shipping

1. How long does it take to get the board? and how much does the shipping cost?

  • Shipping takes about 7-10 days depending on your location.

  • Currently, we offer 100% FREE shipping worldwide :)

2. What payment method do you accept?

  • We accept Paypal, credit card, and debit card.

3. What currency are the product prices in?

  • all of our product prices are in US Dollar. With help of our website's system, you can see the price in your country's currency. However, the final checkout will be calculated and proceeded with US Dollar.

4. What if I want to return the product I got?

  • You will get a full refund after you return the product with prepaid shipping to us.

  • If you didn't pay for the initial shipping cost with free shipping promotion and if the return is not a result of a Cosmo's error/fault, the initial shipping cost that was paid by us will be deducted from the refund amount.

  • If the product you got has some defectives or is not what you ordered, please contact us. We will schedule an exchange (Minor Scratches can happen while pressing decks and handling shipping).

  • All returned items have to be returned unused. Used Items are not eligible for a refund or exchange.



Boards and Components

1. What board do you recommend to a beginner?

  • For beginners, we usually recommend all-around deck for freestyle. However, it is the best for you to message or email us if you have any questions.

2. Which flex is right for me?

  • You need to consider two things: 'your weight' and 'your riding style.' In product page, each deck has recommended rider's weight ranges for each flex. so please check the flex ranges before deciding and see which flex is right for your weight. If your riding style includes lots of hard landing tricks or you simply prefer stiffer deck, you can go up to stiffer flexes (for example, you can choose medium when your weight is right for soft. but we don't recommend the opposite case. Choosing soft flex when your weight is over the weight range of the flex can cause unstable ride.)

  • If it is confusing to you, please message or email us with your weight info.

3. What wheels are right for my deck?

  • For Astro, Milky Way, Asteroid, and Bolide, we recommend smaller wheels because they have wider kicks. Smaller wheels will give you more clearance on wheelbite problem. We recommend 62-65mm wheels. If you want larger wheels, riserpads will be needed to avoid wheelbite.

  • For Cosmic Dancer and Eclipse, you can use any wheels under 70mm size without riserpad. 62-70mm is recommended range. If you want larger wheels, riserpads will be needed to avoid wheelbite.

4. What trucks are right for Cosmo decks?

  • Any trucks with right size would do the work. We recommend Lunar, Paris, Randal, Atlas, Caliber, and Kahalani trucks.

5. What does Cosmo Warranty cover?

  • All Cosmo products are guaranteed against manufacturing and material defect for the lifetime of the original owner. However, 'sustaining damages' or 'wear and tear' of the products are not covered by our warranty. Please contact us if you have any question about our warranty.




    1. How can I apply for Cosmo Sponsorship?

    • You can always send us demo videos to our email (cosmolongboards@gmail.com).

    • Since there are lots of riders applying for the sponsorship and we can give sponsorship to a limited number of riders, it is highly possible that we might not be able to give you the sponsorship you want but if you send us an email, we will definitely check it with our full attention.