ASTRO PRO 46 DECK - Cosmo Longboard Co.
ASTRO PRO 46 DECK - Cosmo Longboard Co.
ASTRO PRO 46 DECK - Cosmo Longboard Co.
ASTRO PRO 46 DECK - Cosmo Longboard Co.

Cosmo Longboard Co.


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Summer Pre-Order

  • Due to the high demand, most of Cosmo’s decks are sold out and will be back in the summer. We opened pre-order for the sold-out models. Pre-orders will be shipped out as soon as the new decks are ready. Thank you for your love!
  • Estimated Shipping Date: August 30th

*For a limited time only, Shipping is 100% FREE Worldwide! (International shipping to your door takes about 7-10 days)

Astro is one of the latest lineups from Cosmo with wider width and kicks for skate tricks and dancing! It gives you comfort and confidence in longboard freestyle :)


Length: 46" / 117cm
Width: 9.5" / 24cm
Wheelbase: 31", 30”, 29", 28"

Pro model is lighter and more flexible than the normal model.

Flex Ranges (Rider's Weight Ranges)
SOFT: 0-70kg / 0-155lbs
MEDIUM: 60-100kg+ / 132-230lbs+
HARD: 90-150kg+ / 195-330lbs+

*Astro complete will be shipped assembled with Lunar Trucks V2Halo Mini Wheels(62mm) and Golden Ball Bearings. Send us a message or an email if you want any adjustments to the setting.

*As a default, the deck will be shipped with griptapes only on kicks (for better performance on dancing and freestyle). So, if you want griptape on the center part also, please contact us by email and tell us to put griptape on the center part too.